No more boring focus groups! We built LookLook® to talk to people authentically, one-on-one, using mobile in a way that is breakthrough and fun.

LookLook® is different than other mobile research platforms because we do our own recruiting and we provide thorough, robust reporting. You tell us your burning questions, and we custom-design a study that will give you answers and strategies that pave the way to growth. Our participants do not come from crowdsourcing or tired phone bank lists. We believe the quality of the recruit is EVERYTHING in qualitative research. Need luxury-qualified people? We’ve cracked the code. Gen Z and Millennials? We have thousands of them. In most cases, we use our own proprietary techniques to find new respondents that are completely new to the experience of market research.

We are finding new applications for LookLook® every day.  For example, we are now using it as an innovation and co-creation tool, as a way of sharing positioning and/or creative ideas with people one-on-one (preferable to a group setting), and for understanding people’s digital journeys (through documenting screenshots of their shopping and social media usage). The possibilities are endless, which allows us to truly customize research experiences to your needs.


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"The world of mobile has opened up a great new way to talk to people about their lives and the decisions they make. We launched LookLook® in 2014, one of the first mobile insight apps in the world. From the beginning we’ve attracted clients that are at the top of their industries, in fashion, luxury, packaged goods and technology. Our strength is in research design, the quality of our high-touch recruitment approach and in our ability to transform qualitative data into strategies our clients can immediately use to grow and innovate."

- Malinda Sanna, Founder & CEO