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SPARK is a virtual network of planners, stylists, innovation specialists,
moderators, designers and videographers around the world.
We custom design consumer studies around our clients' needs using new methodologies.
Then, we bring seasoned category experience to our analyses and provide fresh brand
ideas that inspire our clients.



"Because it's vital we understand consumer and culinary trends, we utilize LookLook™ to observe how, when, where, and why people are dining away from home. The methodology is affordable but most importantly it delivers rich and actionable insights that traditional research techniques do not achieve."

-Jill Marchick, Associate Vice President, Consumer Insights, Aramark Corporation

"We created LookLook™ because we wanted a way to bring more people into the world of market research in a fun and creative way. We share film and pictures back and forth so all conversation is visually based, which is the way we live now."

- Malinda Sanna, Founder & CEO