In the Sensory Safari™, people are asked to circulate amongst sensory stations, each styled by an artist, from which they create instant sculptures that consist of their “feedback” of any given idea.

We use the Sensory Safari™ for a variety of purposes:

  • as a diagnostic tool, to develop a blueprint of any brand experience as it currently exists in consumers’ hearts and minds
  • to get feedback on communication ideas to see which have the greatest potential
  • to mine the deeper meaning, metaphors and associations represented by any concept in the minds of people – ie “masculinity” … “holidays”… “luxury”

You leave the Sensory Safari™ with a sort of metaphorical suitcase of potent imagery and references that illustrate the cultural fabric of the brand.

Ideas that Transcend Cultural Barriers

Because the technique is based on the use of symbols, photography and art, it transcends the limitations of language that can prevent marketers from being able to observe patterns across cultures.

SPARK has designed studies for clients that speak to consumers in markets all over the world, all using the same set of creative stimulus. Observing which symbols emerge as meaningful across cultures reveals fascinating insights and allows brands to create a singular voice and point of view that are globally relevant.

Everything is Interesting

The Indo-European root of the word “art” is “to arrange” or “fit together” (join).

In this light, art can be pared down to its most simplistic form. We begin by collecting, then playing with the materials or objects, organizing them into a Sensory Safari™ People then get to create their own art installations, or visceral idea feedback, in a variety of ways, making new combinations, trying things, then observing the arrangements that have been made.